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Are you interested in planning an event for your church or other organization at Camp Harris?  
If so, you are in the right place.  

Our experienced and dedicated staff is ready to help you plan your own successful event.

Call us at 318-927-3706 for more information or email us at
Click HERE for a layout of the motel rooms.
For adult groups, we have 36 clean and comfortable motel rooms that each have 2 full-size beds.
For youth and children retreats, we have 4 modern dorms that have a combined capacity of 250.
Two of our dorms, Pippin & Victory, have a 30'x20' meeting area/lobby.
Meeting Space:
Our Conference Center seats 100 and has a comfortable lobby, two breakout rooms and comes with a
multi-channel sound system (includes mics, cables, mic stands, etc.).

Cottage is a cozier location that seats 40 and has a comfortable lobby and front porch.
Room C is our most recently refurbished meeting area and is located in our historic gymnasium area.  The
room has over 600 square feet of meeting space and can seat up to 60 people.
Only the Conference Center has a piano, but both the Conference Center and Cottage have men's and
women's restrooms, refrigerator, microwave, sink, coffee maker, and are conveniently located adjacent to our
motel rooms.
Our Auditorium is located in our gymnasium area and is used primarily for youth and children's retreats and for
adult church groups that are too large for the Conference Center.  The Auditorium has pew seating for 275+
and has a sound & light system, stage, and piano.  In the area around the perimeter of the gymnasium there
are 5 large classroom
We also have an outdoor amphitheater that can seat 100+.
You won't go hungry at Camp Harris! Our dining hall serves delicious and satisfying meals during your stay.
Meals are served buffet-style with an assortment of choices. Contact us for a menu and meal times to suit your
Our Snack Shop is a great place to fellowship and grab a snack.  We even have items such as toothbrushes,
shampoo, etc., in case you forgot those things at home.

Please give us a call today at 318-927-3706
Motel Rooms....................................$50 per night

Each room has 2 full-size beds. Sheets, towels and pillows are provided.
Dormitories......................$20 per person per night (minimum 10)

Bunk-style single beds.  (Linens/towels not provided)
- Meeting space is included in the above rates -
Standard Meals
$9.00 per person per meal, served buffet style.
50 per child ages 10 and under. (no charge under 4)

(Standard Meals come with main dish, hot vegetable, salad bar,
bread, dessert, tea and water.)

Camp Meals
$6.00 per person per meal. Our camp meals are a bit
more kid-friendly than our standard meals.
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Day Rates

Conference Center: $150/day
Cottage: $100/day
Gym & grounds: $75/day
Day Visitors: $5/person/day