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Needs at Camp Harris



Here is a list of just some of the needs that we have to make Camp Harris and even better place:

Camp Harris Maintenance Needs 2011



Rebuild benches for prayer garden

12 benches at Prayer Garden are in need of replacing.    Benches are wooden and are posted into the ground. 

Pool deck repair and re-staining

Various boards need re-screwing or replacing.  Also, a re-staining needs to be done

Cajun Room Door Frame repair

2 exterior doors in the Cajun room of the dining hall need to be reframed due to water damage at bottom of doors

South Gym Fascia Repair

Fascia above Auditorium courtyard exterior door needs to be replaced along with water damaged wood behind fascia

General landscaping

Front of dorms, sign at gate, side of cottage and other areas. 

Paint floors in dorm bathrooms

Paint needs to be of proper type, light blue or gray preferred

Clean windows in Conference Center

Double paned, need someone with some skill to remove, clean, and then re-seal windows

Dust/Fluff in Conference Center/Cottage Foyer

Overall "Spring cleaning"

Clean AC filters and vents in motel rooms & gym classrooms

Need vacuuming with powerful shop-vac, and fragile "foam-type" filters need replacing in some units

Repair and Clean pews in Auditorium

Repair of loose hymnal pockets, loose pews, etc.

Paint porches/ramps around gym

Hunter green preferred

Clean windows in Gym classrooms

Inside and out

Clean light fixtures in CC, Cottage, Snack room

Ceiling fan style glass globe fixtures

Repair/replace blinds in motel rooms

Simple mini-blind style

Paint exterior motel doors

Scraping, priming, and painting with a semi gloss.  Tan color preferred.


Paint wood exterior wood trim at cottage and Conference Center


Grayish color

Pressure wash cottage, gym, dining hall

Mainly dirt on vinyl siding.  Also sidewalks

Clean & Wax gym floor

Not sure of chemicals needed

Paint trim on sign at gate

Currently maroon, prefer dark green to match other exterior paint

Bush hog field near pond

Camp has no bush hog

Clean carpets motel rooms and meeting space

Camp has small "spot" carpet cleaner

Repair and paint wooden bench swings throughout campus

Some benches need new slats, some bench frames are loose in ground and need concrete, most benches need painting- dark green preferred

Pre-summer cleaning of each gym classroom

Basic cleaning, top to bottom

Painting of interior motel rooms

Colors vary; include trim, but not ceilings.

Flipping and turning of motel room mattresses

Part of annual spring cleaning

Removal of cabinets in Cajun room

Particle board counter/cabinets have water damage and removal would increase capacity in Cajun room

Painting of Cajun room floor

Needs painting once old cabinets are removed.  Grey or light blue preferred

Thorough cleaning of auditorium

Top to bottom, spring cleaning

Lamp shade replacement in motel rooms

Several rooms have damaged lampshades

Light bulb replacement in auditorium

Replace and reposition lights in auditorium for stage and seating area



















































Please contact me at 318-927-3706(office)  if you would like more information about some of our needs at Camp Harris.